The living room is usually the place where we spend most of our free time, where we welcome guests, where our family members gather to spend time together, where the inhabitants of the house come to spend time with each another, where the atmosphere is particularly cozy and inviting. The living room is in most of its cases defined by the elements that go before it. The walls, the ceiling, the furniture, the curtains don’t seem to be particularly large or perhaps there are not enough pieces to spice up the atmosphere.

What we want now is a simple and airy living room. With color and style and a very simple design, this living room furniture collection can be seen at Minacciolo. Some elements are optional and can be purchased separately.

Old Fashioned Living Room Furniture Collection Photo 2

The pieces in this collection were created using a very old and precious wood called alenoxa. Very different from the original wood used in the sofas, the one that only enhanced its beauty was the one originally used for the posters and pictures. The piece is now made of wood and it still looks very similar. The most interesting and impressive detail is the fact that the wood preserved all the original characteristics and the rest of the pieces just got a little worn and rustic and aged. That’s the beauty of this piece.

Old Fashioned Living Room Furniture Collection Photo 3

The wooden frame is not just very simple and practical but also very elegant and stylish. The back piece is made of high-grade MDF and the slatted design makes it easy to clean for anyone who sees it. The furniture measures 42.4” in height x 49.4” in width and the furniture I got from the store was only 47.7” tall. You can purchase the piece for $1,290.

Old Fashioned Living Room Furniture Collection Photo 5