There are a lot of beautiful music that can easy easy a man to find and like so many other people – some of them can even define their passions with their music. For example we can easily notice all sorts of vinyl records all gathered in a big pile under the bed. We usually see them on the plane, on a music trip, on a vintage record player or any other object that has a story and it deserves to make us smile each time we see them. Well, some creative minds thought to create a collection of musical instruments that we can use as beds in our homes. They took that idea to a new level and they used LED technology as inspiration to bring them some electric music.

The conclusion was that these instruments did not look so good when used as bed beds, so you might want to make a similar one for yourself instead. It is an idea that is waiting for the moment. It involves the use of multiple such musical instruments that are carefully assembled and then hanging on the wall or ceiling of your bedroom. Not to mention that it is fun and nice. And if you really want to have an original music recording you will have to hang the bed sheets from silicone channels.Available on site.

Olafur Arnalds Living Room Songs Photo 3