I live with an occasional surprise for guests when they come over often and I notice them regularly. When you think about it – friends always take a delight in surprise when they see a surprise of some sort in their street, near a crowded restaurant, on a covered terrace or at a tree-sill.

This curious surprise of some sort, may make you become closer to them more often. It will be more productive for you to know what it is that your friends find when they visit and what it is that makes you enjoy the surprise.

This Oil Street, located in New York City, USA, USA is the magic that takes us to another period of time. In these days, it’s a very common surprise, a new home, a new look and feel.

Oil Wells Pumping In My Living Room By Reitsmaud Lee Photo 3

Plenty of houses with retro or industrial designs were created during this century. The huge amount of money that was spent to do thisjob has been spent to bring a closer look to these houses. Some of them have beautiful old wood floors that draw the eye to those old, cool, fancy ol` furniture, silk ties and other similar things.

The bathroom looks very impressive. It has a very special and exquisite design that deserves to be admired.

The traditional laundry room is very elegant and the stone floor and many wooden pieces are only a small detail that attracts our attention. The bedrooms seem to immediately became the most important areas although there are even some traditional and old elements involved here too like the chandeliers from the ceiling or the old wrought iron railings.

The bathrooms are elegant and they reflect the warm side of the house. Although they are not very large, they have all the basic amenities which make them very attractive and cozy.{found on Nuevo Estilo}

Oil Wells Pumping In My Living Room By Reitsmaud Lee Photo 7