These beautiful oak wall units look very natural in the living room. They are created by OakLantern and have very beautiful designs. The beauty comes from the texture and color of the wood and the warmth and depth of the grain. The oak wood panels are hand crafted and it’s there’s no grain. The panels are height limited and they can be made of European oak or the harder type maple. The units are perfect for a chic living room theme.

These wall units have a minimalist design and they would look very nice in a modern or contemporary home as long as they integrate nicely into the room. The oak type maple adds warmth to the decor and, in the same time, to the pieces you can’t resist the touch of. The pieces are sold individually in such a way that the collection is always customizable.

The oak is also treated so they are easy to maintain and clean. Furthermore, the pieces are scratch-resistant. Most of them have only one light bulb and it’s this way durability and cost-efficiency are kept intact. They would look great in a modern or even a more traditional living room.For more information or for maps you can find any info about these items that you can find on oerzelbride.

Oak Wall Units Living Room Design Photo 3