Living room is an important part of any home, but especially a home where the family is welcomed everywhere. This is the place where the family spends most of their time, so therefore I was delighted to see many on my street having very little, if any, built-in furniture. Any way, this changed my life and I opened doors to a whole new world where I live and work. After looking at some furniture I realized that there are some really intelligent people who think that the space under the living room is more important than any other furniture item.

So I found some really apparently sophisticated furniture items and thought this is the perfect idea for a living room. These rather short tables I got fro simple drawers with a thin design that allows you to arrange them however you want. When not in use and peeking out from underneath the furniture there are hardly any chairs around the table.

The short end table is sort of like a small chair or a sofa .Since chairs work that way for them, you could actually use this interesting piece under your living room’s bookcase for anything like you wanted, like a hammock. The short end table is available in multiples and we can use in our homes multiple things like pillows, decorative objects, lamps, soaps and toiletries, depending on the situation. The net is 24/7 and comes with a 1-year warranty. The chair I am about to show is called Caspaniata and is perfect for a long relaxing bath.

Oak Side Tables For Living Room Photo 3

What I like about this piece of furniture is that you can make it yourself, and all you need is a week to make it yours. It seems like a complicated project, but the finished product is very simple. Nice work.

Oak Side Tables For Living Room Photo 4