This beautiful living room was custom designed by Pot & O’Neill and it features a beautiful and unique design. I love the textures and patterns and I believe that there should be something like this in our homes. I also believe it’s better to have furniture that doesn’t make your living room look too … out of place. That’s why I’ve decided to create a very functional furniture collection called “north shore living room set up by Pot & O”. I’ve created a very beautiful and relaxing collection of furniture called sofas and chairs.

With those two collections comes the following design. It’s a very simple and elegant design that also keeps together the functional and stylized design. All the pieces from this collection have simple designs and modern, but very stylish and stylish designs. It’s a quite contrasting collection, mostly because of the colors. Still, the egg chair is a very suggestive example. The white model is very beautiful and sweet, surrounded by soft tones of coral, very delicate, soft to the touch and very comfortable.

I particularly enjoy the way the backrest pillow shadings the eye and combined with the armchair’s upholstery, even though they are of a neutral color, go very well with the chic and modern look of the chairs. The oval coffee table lets you see the utilitarian details of all the pieces, like the wood frame legs, the dark trim on the console table or the dent in the floor. Every detail is carefully chosen and fits with the rest of the design.