The living room is a social space where family members gather and interact with each other and where there are also other people you might hear on a daily basis. A living room is also usually laidback but a well balanced one needs to be flexible in order to allow people to interact easily but also to allow them to spend time together where they can feel comfortable.

The neutral rugs created by grass squares create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. However, it’s a very useful idea for situations when you want your living room to feel more inviting.

The living room designed by Joanna Wood is modern and minimalist but it also has a touch of classical beauty. The round foam rugs are particularly attractive and unique. Their color makes anyone want to decorate such a room as a key area. In a minimalist living room they can also create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

A simple living room usually features a combination of a sofa and some armchairs. The two items can be combined in any way you want. In the case of the minimalist living room they can replace one of the walls. Use the space intelligently and use wall art to create a statement that ends up being a great decoration for this space.