The key to creating a very relaxing and serene ambiance is to create a very simple design, that doesn’t use unnecessary details. For example, a very basic shape in this case would be white wooden furniture. Still, it’s a very good idea. This living room features a very nice, simple, neutral color palette. It’s both relaxing and elegant.

The pastels are the perfect choice in this case. The walls have a very soothing, calm color and the furniture is also white, very simple. What’s also nice is the simplicity and minimalism that defines all the furniture. Still, even though all the pieces are so simple, they still have something exclusive that makes them unique. The sofa features a very dynamic design. It’s a modern piece of furniture that has an asymmetrical shape. It’s also a modern creation meant to be seen by its owners in their advance steps and to be admired by their talent.

This sofa beautifully combines looks with comfort and it makes great part of any living room. It features a combination of white and light blue so the effect is impressive. The dimensions are perfect: W. width 98? L. depth 19? H. seat depth 26?. you can purchase it for $499.00.

Navy Blue Living Room Chair Photo 3

Navy Blue Living Room Chair Photo 4