A living room is a cozy space where you can easily notice things you like and that make you happy about your home. However, it should be a cozy space without uniting your beloved features and personal tastes. There are a lot of colors that can make a living room look or look airy and warm. Navy is one of them. It looks sophisticated but it’s also warm and inviting. Here are a few ideas of living rooms that may inspire you or recreate them.

The first thing you should realize about navy blue and how navy colors go well with anything else is that it’s a deep color. It is generally associated with a baby’s room. Well, think of this color as a base to see how it would look in your living room. When you paint your living room walls navy blue you will instantly give up warmth and?the feeling of privacy. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as you keep the rest of the colors, the navy blue is capable of creating the feeling of a bigger space, if you use the navy shades properly.

The second thing you need to consider is color contrast. Yes, we are talking about red and blue but that color isn’t necessarily the same shade. So if you were to have navy blue walls with red furniture and small red area rug in the middle, it would be a contrast that would be small but big enough to create a dynamic look. Moreover, you should avoid shades of black and gray and create a monochromatic look that will still look stylish. Your walls would look best in light shades of blue and gray, but you could also create a chromatic style by mixing a navy and gray color.

The third thing you need to consider is the price. If you were to have simple white walls with black furniture, you can still but a navy wall with a gray furniture could be a nice option. But if you want to save some money you could choose cheaper furniture that can be easily move around the house. If you want something special from the color you choose for your room you could mix different navy and gray shades and thus create an impressive and glamorous look for your living room.

Navy Blue And Cream Living Room Ideas Photo 5

I hope that the above information can help you in creating the elegancy of your living room. The next time you want to replace your curtains or paint the walls of your living room you should think of navy blue. I know that the color looks great with gray tones but if you are worried about your living room’s appearance than it is a perfect color to use.{pics from decorati}