Living rooms in a home are usually small and crowded. It’s hard to keep the décor simple. So when you get bored with the atmosphere and you want something more relaxing and calm, try a color palette different from the other one. For example, this navy blue and brown living room is exactly what one would choose to decorate. It’s simple but it’s elegant and stylish.

The shades of blue are very nice. They remind me of the sea and the sky and everything seems to be organized perfectly. This lovely living room has an airy and bright décor. It features white walls, ceiling, windows and furniture but the stained glass and bio-acrylic chairs are also very beautiful and chic. The sofa with the chaise lounge and sofas is the perfect accent piece in there. The red accents are so chic and beautiful.

Navy Blue And Brown Living Room Photo 1

The grey is also a tricky color. The grey is a neutral so you can easily exaggerate the brightness created by the colorful accents. The two sofas, the fireplace and the cute little painting by the fireplace for some color contrast were a great additions. To create a welcoming and cozy interior, both living rooms are separated by a wall. If the walls are also white, the furniture and curtains can also be a very good suggestion. Still, be careful not to make a color mix go too far because darker tones won’t be enough to match the other accents.