The luxurious Martin’s Associates have created a dramatic, dramatic and luxurious living room for the 60 49th floor of the Empire State building in New York City. This amazing creation of contemporary design occupies an area of 3,400 sq ft, and where the main focal points are the stunning ocean views.

The light colored wood furniture create amazing contrasts and create the impression of a bigger space than what is actually the sole part of the interior rooms. Also, in terms of color, the wood finishes, rugs, trim, panel etcs are excellent. The wooden floor continues from the living room and the bedroom, as well as the kitchen and dining rooms, areas which are visually larger and connect with each other.

The fireplace in the living room is really impressive, as it is supported by only two vertical beams, and it keeps the ambiance and romantic atmosphere that the living room also offers, with a splendid style statement.

Navy And Beige Living Room Designs By Martin’s Associates Photo 4

The master bedroom is surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens, a simple and pleasant style that reflects the whiteness of the wood. The only contrasts are with dark floors and decorated walls.