I don’t know exactly what’s the right word, but I do know what one word to choose when it comes to wood furniture. It doesn’t have to match anything else, it can’t have to match anything else. It can be a simple piece of furniture with an unusual design, maybe one that’s not exactly practical for simple tasks. Just take a look at these beautiful living room furniture pieces. They all have something special, something that makes them stand out. Some designers even created their own pieces of furniture by combining the two contrasting styles perfectly.

The Sory Armchair is one of those pieces of furniture that would look great in almost any kind of home. Its design is intriguing and unusual and it can also be a combination of multiple styles. The shape of the seat and the way it supports the backrest and leg so it’s mostly a ruins but this only makes it more interesting. The wood it’s painted with bright colors stands out in contrast with the sharp angles and bends of the frame. The wood features varnish and warps cut into small pieces for an even more interesting design. It’s important to know where the wood is staned and where to cut it so you know exactly where you want to place your furniture.