Even though the old mirrors in the house are no longer useful, these elements can also be used for decorative purposes. Today we have created a collection of wall tiles from Ponsi that would look perfect in a modern or contemporary home. These natural stone wall tiles come in a large variety of colors and sheens. You can choose any color of tiles that you like and you can also arrange them in any way you want. They are made of stone porcelain andotton tiles, which is a very good, inexpensive option that you can explore further.

As for the colors, the tiles would have to be three different standard colors: 7 neutral colors like beige, light gray, cream and gray making for a dramatic look. Furthermore the tiles are available in 6 different colors: black, white and red.

Natural Stone Wall Tiles Living Room Tiles By Ponsi Photo 1

I particularly like these wall tiles because they are made from natural stone and they have a very simplistic design. They may look rough on the outside but they’re really smooth and quite beautiful. They come in various sizes and models and they are complimented with very beautiful and rich colors.