The living room is a large part of the home. However, it’s not the place you would use when styling a cozy and inviting home. You’d better take inspiration in the other rooms that could potentially reflect your style. Let’s take a look at some typical living room decorating ideas and see how they match with the space and the décor you’ve chosen in terms of design.

The first design you should always keep in mind is the others times when you’re in a hurry and wish to give something a purpose at the same time. Since it’s a long term project you’ll have to make it last for a long time. You might not realize but every time you’re looking in the picture you’ll find a grandma’s or grandma’s dining room, a very formal setting. This is why a great way of doing that in a living room would be by decorating the living room with a grand print. You can use themed artwork or patterns or decorations.

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Another way of decorating a living room without forgetting the walls is by painting the walls. Painting the walls does the same thing for this portion of the room. You can create wonderful shadow boxes, lovely decorations for the ceiling and also use different colors to fill out the voids on the ceiling.

You can create charming portraits on the walls. If you want to create something with a more artistic feel design around the door, consider using stained glass. It’s a great substitute for real vintage pieces. Hang the portraits either open or closed and use double-sided tape to keep the paint from getting painty over time.

Since we collectively said that living rooms should never be decorated in a boring way, we’re also loving this rustic and personalized design. Don’t be afraid to dress the living room in simple furniture. You can add a few rugs, a fluffy blanket and a table for four, everyone will instantly feel the change.{found on susandudesigns}.

The same strategy was sued here. The antique furniture was used in the context of a simpler and more classic décor. The antique furniture was paired with the modern chandelier and the wall accessories and the result is an eclectic living room design.{found on contemporist}.

The most common way of including multiple small living room furniture pieces in a room is by grouping them one on either side of the seating furniture. This way the sofa, chairs or ottomans have a common pieces but the chairs have each a unique design and form.{found on shelleystarr}.

But if you want to create a clear picture at first, take a step back and take a look at the picture closet. Do something simple like cover one piece of furniture with patterned tape. It’s a great way of spicing up the décor at a later time.{found on diycandy}.

When you want to update the look of your living room, changing one of the walls can be a inexpensive solution. For example, stain or paint the walls and ceiling a dark color if you want the room to feel fresh and elegant.

And speaking of solid wood, you can make the most of that material when making a living room feel cozy and welcoming without investing a lot of money. Combine wood and glass for a balanced look obtained with simple and stylish design.