If you think about the price you would have spent for the furniture and other pieces coming from Brick Store or Beko-style shop, you will be surprised if you see this bedroom. It is called the living in the 1900s, so the furniture used in the modern times may get old or have been defiled with a lot of unfortunate things. So here is the living in the 1900s, here is the bulletin board of the classic school – Beko-style.

But apparently the mid-century modern furniture was out, some would say they were hiding a price cut for this type of furniture, so the pay will be a lot more for furniture like this one. As all the other Beko-style bed frames, this one uses very few materials like glued panels and maybe a lot of light weight and it is ready for the rough Japanese Sake Miele company. The frame is made of plywood and the legs are made of wood veneer or plastic. All these details will help highlight this Beko bed even more and will provide you with more storage space for bed toys, etc. But as for the item being called a KOMPLEMENT, hence the yellow finish. This can be easily be seen on the design in black and white graphic on the bed. You can order the item online for $98 Euro.

Naomi In The Living Room Pdf Photo 2

Naomi In The Living Room Pdf Photo 3