In Seattle, Washington, there’s something called “naomi” which stands for “rary perspective.” Nrary angles let through the wind, snow or rain but which can also be considered an obstacle. Today we’ve decided to show you a variety of modular seating and décor units that can be used both as an extension of the sofa or as two types of units, as a bar unit or as a room divider. Without a coffee table in between, nautically centered a coffee pot, or as a book shelf on the wall.

Surprising how perfectly matching a set of coffee tables can add harmony and diversity to a space. This is a really cool bar and dining area, complete with a few simple metal tables and individual stools. The stools are usually one and the same and the whole décor becomes harmonious.

This nautically grouped seating unit is unique, combining traditional elements with a modern design concepts. The modern shelves add a nice touch of color and form a barrier between the two tables which can be used individually or as a collection in combination with the two tables’ pedestal which was designed to match the space.

In a modern living room a high platform coffee table is a good addition because it offers space for all sorts of interesting décor elements and, in addition to that, because it’s very comfortable. This one has a design that combines classical and modern details with carefully cut combinations of wood and glass and a neutral palette.

Naomi In The Living Room: A Modular And Flexible Space Photo 4

Even more interesting is the low wooden table that forms a frame around it. The low coffee table is complemented by an oversized pendant lamp with brass intones and a series of geometric patterns that complement each other forming this beautiful floral composition. effects like this one are one of the most inspiring projects we’ve come across lately.

Naomi In The Living Room: A Modular And Flexible Space Photo 5

A lamp, especially minimalist lamps as designed by architects Grosrail is one that would look amazing in a variety of decors and settings. This is a design that allows this lamp to serve as a functional side table, accent piece and a visual focal point for the space it’s a part of.