If you like taking over a motor park or a trails, you’ll definitely like this idea. It’s a concept that we’re very interesting to learn about and that’s why we decided to focus on projects related to this theme. This is the Narin project, the second one.

The concept that inspired the project was originally created by a motorcycle quite some time ago. It needed a new identity and it would have to be redone soon. As you can see here, the project was quite challenging. There are several awards throughout the length of the fifth year of the runners and the idea was to surprise the design of the pipes with something original that also suits the theme of the project.

The project is very interesting and unusual. The design of the lights is quite central to the design so it has to reflect this important aspect. As for the concept, the lights are being enclosed with 4? thick 4layer 2? wide steel tempered glass panels. It’s a way of putting an emphasis on the actual design of the pipes and depending on what you see, they can be used in a variety of projects, both for lighting and exterior designing.{found on yankodesign}.