The first thing we notice when entering or going into the living room of a Florida homeowner is the variety of shapes and pieces. Is there a theme that you like very much? Is everything in the mix? How about your favorite sofa, coffee table collection, art collection? These are all common elements, but pieces you don’t often see in your house, are very original and give any room a very comfortable and distinctive atmosphere? In order to define beauty, I think we can all agree that certain products have more characteristics than others, like comfort. After a time when people used to just stick to the rules, decorating a living room and choosing different pieces to fill an empty space blas the chances are high those pieces will hold some expectations from the people who enter. In this case, I think the combination of shapes, eccentric finishes and modern furniture is very successful.

The first piece I am going to show you is the Float Live/dining set. This very unusual collection contains cantilever tables and chairs and has rectangular pedestal coffee tables. Some of the pieces from this set, which are surprisingly comfortable, were designed by Ibebital over a foam rubber chair. To me this set resembles a sculpture with the coffee tables standing on four legs and looking fragile. Fun and modern this ensemble is unique and drew everybody’s attention. The set contains: a double table, a double plate, a leaf table and two stools. The best thing about these pieces is that thanks to their unusual designs and to the fact that they are non-toxic, they can be incredibly warm and cozy.

All in all, this is a great place to spend the holydays in if you like simplicity and who love variety. What do you think?

Mossy Oak Living Room Settee Built By Ibebi Photo 3