For those who love nature and want a refreshing ambiance and fresh air in their home this collection of furniture by Nobili de San Mart is an excellent option.It includes a sofa (19×30w), armchairs (19×25w), coffee-chairs (21×20w). The sofa cushions are made of oak wood, which provided the necessary support and expanded the seating. The armchairs are made of palm wood and have wonderful casual colors. The combination of materials is highly versatile and will definitely help you get your house built in a natural wood.

The dimensions of each piece are 7.5? x 3.5? x 2.75?. They are sold in sets of four and you can buy them for $WOOD. The cushions are stackable. Assembly is required.You can also apply wood sealer on the corners of your furniture pieces. You can choose from the usual three different finishes or the eco cotton and polyester combination.

Mossy Oak Living Room Furniture Sets By Nobili De San Mart: A Spanish Company Photo 3