moroccan furniture is the style of French décor that has been long-known for. As a result, it has been an international fashion trend that defines this collection. Among the pieces from this collection, there is the Mughal style carpets, the Mughal-style doors, the Chinese carpets as well as the Mughal double lanterns. It is a style that suits you very well because it is part of a set and it always looks just the way you like it.

It is a complete design that is completed by the Mughal chandelier – a combination between white and colored which is hanged mainly from the ceiling and floating in the air. Another combination of colors appears in the case of the red and yellow chairs – the Mughal ones. The most interesting thing about this collection is the use of empty metal profiles. These have a double function – they serve as support elements and they create all sorts of combinations of styles and designs. These pieces can add a dramatic touch to any modern interior and they can create a surprising and simple décor adding a touch of color and brightness.The Royal Mook sofa comes from IKEA and it has a metallic finish, too, for it transforming it into a very special piece.

Moroccan Furniture Living Room Set Photo 3