If you’re looking for some modern wall units for your living room, we found it for you. Here are our latest pieces. They’re all designed to be comfortable and elegant but without being too formal or opulent. These wall units are composed of three main shapes: entrance, media and support units. He were designed by Piero Esche, and they emit an architectural light that resembles that of a hat.

The Light Pod 1 media console is composed of two parallel parts. It sticks to the wall and function as a bookshelf, thus maintaining a continuous movement. The Light Pod 1 has small cupboards and a shelving unit that also serves as a mini-fridge. The doors on the side can slide in and out to hide any mess or open up any shelf. The console is available in widely different shapes and designs, and the shelves can be personalized.

You can use the built-in LED strip on the bottom of the doors, or through the mirrored panels. This allows the user to change the amount of light he wants in the room and the amount of furniture being used. The Light Pod One has three parts used; the upper part is the storage unit, the middle one is the mirrored unit and the bottom shelf is the mirrored plate.

Modern Wall Units For Living Room Photo 3