Lithe blue and white track lighting is available in the standard black, and American walnut and blue powder-coated. Leather track lighting is available in a blue selection of sandalwood or taupe and polished walnut. These track lighting fixtures boast outstanding design and are perfect for both formal and informal living rooms. Perfect for both formal meeting rooms and public and public great rooms, their striking design is perfectly paired with the natural beauty of the natural leather track material and its lovely natural tones and texture. A laser-cut aluminum light adds a fine detail to these minimalist pendants. To add added comfort you can sat in or attach the lights to the arm or backrest of a dimmable armchair. Or, try the hand-brace arms of the armchair. A sleek and minimalist design, the 37? Pendant Light will set the tone for your next interior design. A sleek chrome finish and a touch of rose gold, these modern pendants won’t be ignored by your contemporary and sophisticated guests. For more information visit Leolux.