On the furniture, there are so many details and that are so pleasant to touch. Among them there are many objects with visible shapes, that make you imagine that you are living in a box. There are objects that give the idea of dimension and expansion, that make you see the other element as an original and dynamic object that you will always remember.

These specific details are those that give to the entire atmosphere of the house different nuances and tones with a mixture of original and modern objects. The entire atmosphere of the house becomes more serious and appealing when details like the staircase, the bookshelves, the paintings on the walls, the paintings bring the idea of plastic and utilitarian objects into all the décors. It is a place for recharging your batteries for the last time, just like in a fantasy where fantasy and reality meet so true.

The photos by Martin Poll explores the mixture of elements and materials, while the accentuates the original and outstanding design. It is indeed the case of the staircase that seems to have a solid and elegant solidity, with its delicate curves and delicate turn and dance, that makes it stand out and gives it a special touch.

Modern Swivel Living Room Chairs By Martinelli Luce Fest Hollandse Photo 4