The key to decorating a living room and making it seem cozy and inviting is, in our case, storage. It’s a piece of furniture we have to be friendly with and to try to save as much space as possible in order to make the room seem livable. For that we have come up with a very beautiful furniture collection.

The collection consists of a sofa and a chic bench. The design of the bench is very playful and original. The bench is made of wood so it’s strong and durable but it also has a lightweight look that makes it look comfortable. It’s a modern piece of furniture with a rustic but stylish and cute design. It’s the type of cozy seating you can use in the living room. It would add warmth and comfort to the décor.

The bench features attached storage for all the items that usually clutter your living room space. You can store there all sorts of things, from blankets, gear or anything else you might find useful or that you might just get when you need. The concept is very ingenious. Of course, the item doesn’t cost a lot. The bench measures 72.4 x 30.4 x 29.7 inches. The bench is very versatile and it’s also an upholstered model that offers great comfort. It’s actually a very friendly and cute model that you can include in your current home décor, the same as this one.

The bench has been Tuscan inspired and it’s available in more than 150 colors and versions. You have several options to choose from. You can also choose between the black and the bronze finish. The bench has a 4 point zero setting and it measures 42-inch width, 27-inch width and 3-inch width. The dimensions also say I factor the height bracket, the extension, the legs and also the back rest. The dimensions for the front bench are the same. The dimensions for the back bench are the same. The pieces that basically play an important role in the design of this piece are the padded and fitted pieces that have an elegant look. The dimensions for the front bench are 42?, 23?, 14?, 16? and 22?