Bathrooms are usually decorated only in neutrals, with simple white tones and with minimal countertops and furniture. But sometimes interior designers get creative and they create beautiful and even more beautiful decors using only black. For example this is a modern pendant lighting concept.

It’s a collection of pendant lamps that would look wonderful in a living room. They have a very modern design and they actually filter the light like this. As they have a central cord, all the pendants light come out soft and warm. It’s a very interesting concept based on concepts and concepts. Also, this type of lighting is also very versatile and can be used as a complementary color for the room’s décor. Use it as an accent piece for the living room or as a soft and very pleasant decorative piece for the kitchen and dining room. The different colors create a modern but also beautiful contrast and they all share playful shapes and cute forms. There are numerous designs and variations you can try. Take a look at the catalog and see what combination you can choose from.

Modern Pendant Lighting For Living Room And Kitchen Photo 3