If you prefer to have a minimalistic and organized home, maybe this is the perfect solution. You will love the Michael Bambach wall unit. The Bambach wall unit has a very minimalist design. In fact, it features very little furniture. It has a very simple design and a very versatile look. The impression this piece has creates that this is a modern home office or maybe a very simple and modern living room unit. If you prefer another type of wall unit you can explore your options.

I find it very useful, easy and practical. I can envision it as a functional work surface, where I can organize documents, my laptop, the laptop while looking at TV or maybe just watching the kids play football. The overall dimensions of this unit are 78x130x 140cm. It’s one of the most versatile work areas you couldDevote one to. Because the space is so small you can simply use the wall unit when unfolded and it will be an easily space-saving piece, provided that there’s enough space in there.

Since it’s folded and doesn’t change its shape, it seems to be just like any regular wall unit. This makes it versatile and great for all types of living rooms and living areas, from modern and contemporary to minimalist and colorful.

Modern Living Room Wall Units By Michael Bambach Photo 3