The living room, like many other spaces, needs to be a lively and comfortable space to be welcoming and cozy. However, because it’s such a dynamic area, the décor needs to be simple in order to stay casual. However, designers sometimes come up with unusual and unexpected solutions to this problem. For example, it’s hard to say whether a sofa will better serve as a bedroom or as an end table for two.

The situation in this case is rather simple. This is a modern living room where the owners wanted to use it as a space to organize things and to remove the floor space in the bedroom. The sofa was a great choice. The owners of the apartment needed a place to store their change and washing machine and to keep the cords. As a result, the sofa was taken apart, resulting in a compact and minimalist sofa with a casual and minimalist design, perfect for the space linked to the sofa. Another interesting detail is the fact that the black and white wall panels used as a frame throughout the apartment and can also be seen in the other rooms.{found on curbly}.