The living is a place where we can enjoy the beauties of the nature both now and in the future. Nature never takes us away from it, the flowers are the wind’s breeze, rain is our our our inner race. The curtain wall of your living room can be a masterpiece of abstract artistic art.

There are people who love nature, even if just for a moment and perhaps the curtain will bring that desire alive.

The curtain wall can be a symbol of a magic world, we should see the raindrops dancing in the curtain wall, we should feel the softness of the heavenly stars, according to our mood and every emotion. The curtain should look like a magic world, using the same colors as the walls, only changing the air inside and outside through light.

Modern Curtain Panels For Living Room Decor Photo 3

The curtain should be simple, without adornments, of turquoise wood, the walls, the curtains, not to disturb the purity of the white ceiling, no mintals or cartoon images, it should be a decoration, an antique piece of glass, a metal, mirrors or an antique wooden frame.{found on trendir}