So you have a pretty large living room, but, even if you don’t have tons of decorations, you somehow realize that your living room looks pretty small, insignificant, especially when it’s decorated in a simple manner. It might be an unfortunate perspective, but you must have all this thought when you think about it.

Since this is a small living room, I think it’s necessary to be able to place our feet and hear everyone who is talking about it. To avoid unwanted incidents, you could get up and stretch your legs on the balcony, while you admire the funny shapes and wrinkles. To reinforce the idea of safety you could drape your whole room in twinkling lights and place a huge pillar near the windows. This idea can also be used for the pillar swing, near the stairs or near your shower and even for shower curtains.

Modern Centerpieces For Living Room Tables Photo 2

No matter what type of objects you decide to decorate in your living room and still remains neutral on the outside. Don’t mix it up. There’s not enough room for half of a living room so you need to choose the best accessories for it. I would say that if you do decide to add some funny elements, you can do that in simple fashion. For example, if you have a stack of books with several books tied together with twine, that’s totally ok because you’ll have a nicely furnished living room.

Hanging lights are also good. It doesn’t even take much effort to get them, especially in a cozy atmosphere. This is also because of the material you choose. For example, glass hanging pendant lamps are a very popular choice and they are also quite safe. Wood pendant lamps are a bit more elegant. It’s a simple way of making the room feel warm and cozy. Chandeliers are also very appreciated as they have a dramatic look. However, it takes skill and ability to work with certain materials for that to happen.

Modern Centerpieces For Living Room Tables Photo 4

Since the walls are usually blank, even when we have lots of pictures to hang above the floor and not too much color or furniture, it would be a good idea to choose some. Here’s an example of how you can do that. The first picture is of a dark room with only a few colorful decorations and accents and that would also be a great work environment. The second picture has a nice crisp white effect and the three colorful stripes are simply beautiful.

Of course, you can also experiment and try different and contrasting combinations. For example, you can display photos and artwork above the fireplace. For the room you can also hang some nice wall sculptures and create all sorts of beautiful and interesting focal points. Here we have a traditional living room with an elegant dining room with a sofa, a hanging mirror above the table, some brown pieces all over the walls and some subtle blue and black accents. The living room is decorated with elegant furniture and a beautiful chandelier.{pictures from bhg}.