The idea behind this collection was to create a simple and modern sofa which can be easily mixed with a variety of other pieces of furniture and create a functional and space-saving arrangement. Its basic components include a footstool, the side table centerpiece and the leather cover over the top. In order to provide both comfort and style, the designer also took into account the elements of the modern design: the colors, the textures and the lines that are most important to a sofa’s appearance.

The collection includes several pieces that are characterized by beautiful shapes, interesting colors and an overall simple and pleasant combination of materials and finishes. Simple, modern and versatile, this sofa collection is perfect for small spaces as it offers all the comfort you need. Also, you can choose from several different upholstered and freestanding designs.

Modern Black Living Room Furniture Collection By Fabio Gianoli Photo 2

One of the most beautiful features of this collection is also the color palette. Of course, introducing the sofa’s dark colors into the room with minimal effort would be a common approach. The main color palette is also a mix of black and white, grey and brown, brown and beige.

All the pieces from this collection are chic and elegant, made for comfort and style. Among the elements you can spot a nice contrast are the wooden legs. The legs are particularly interesting. It’s a piece of furniture that adds lightness and freshness in an almost cold color, contrasting with the interior is color.