When it comes to choosing furniture for the living room, there are many choices. For example, sometimes the coffee table is perfect in the living room or in the bedroom or the sofa in the office. If, on the other hand, the sofa needs to be placed in a specific spot, then you should probably take a very good offer. Today we would like to present you something interesting and inviting, something that can brighten up the room.

The EVOBE collection was created by Danish designer Bii Aitat. This furniture collection was designed for Danish brand Harium. Even though the pieces are based on the Nordic design tradition, the designer chose to add a little extra flare to the room by choosing to make the sofa and the armchair colorful.The EVOBE sofa can be purchased at the price of $799.00 and the matching chair the DS-1 armchair at $1,099.00. The colors chosen for both the pieces are tones of grey, black and white, just like in the game.

Given the fact that this collection is based on the Nordic design tradition, the pieces have a simple and minimalist design. The Nordic pieces are not only simplistic but they also stand out with their details. During the renovation, the interiors were coated with polyurethane paint and the pallet was made using salvaged oak wood. The pallet was delivered assembled in less than one day and the pallet was destined for storage.

Initially, the finish for the chair was model Lilancia. However, after some work and afteruring the partial stains, the leather was used for the back of the chair and the fabric was chosen as material for the cushions. After staining the fabric, the frame of the chair was painted with vinyl and the leather was used for the back. After painting the frame and fixing the seams and theholstery, the new design was created. The buttons were part of the new design and the distressed leather was taken out and into water. Now this leather sofa is perceived as classic, elegant and fashionable.