How would like to have a mirrored bedroom? Mirrored furniture is always a great idea. It allows you to create a sort of home office where you would benefit from all the accessories you need. In the following design examples we will be focusing on the mirrored furniture.

One way would be to create a home office with a more organic look. By adding a mirrored wall behind the bed the illusion of a bigger space where you wouldn’t normally see it. The colors used here would have been very beautiful and vibrant if properly layered. This home office would definitely look perfect.

The mirrored wall would bring color and vibrancy into an office with brighter colors. This particular home office would be a very happy space even though it’s not colorful but for a change. The simplicity of the décor would make it more relaxing and fun. The office could have more dynamic and vibrant décor but with a more minimalist look.

Mirrored Furniture For Living Room Photo 3