Living room is an important place in the house. It is a place where every family spends time together, where quality time is important and we spend quality time here. The TV is on the TV and everybody knows this. But it doesn’t work anymore. Now you can use mirrors to improve your TV but not anymore. A mirror can be a very useful object in the living room. The fact that the TV is on the TV is just the thing you need. It is a plus and it also avoids bulky picture.

Mirrors come in so many shapes and sizes that it is possible to fit the whole of your room to one place. Now you only need the big rectangular mirrors that can be arranged in any way you want. Round mirrors are very popular and they create a warm atmosphere in the house. Now you can mount the TV on the round mirror and you can put the other decorative element in there as well, too, like areleys or serving plates. You can put a round lip on each round mirror and you can also choose a round candle holder, just like the ones in the pictures. Or maybe you would prefer to use two or all of them and replace them with a bigger one for a nice looking effect.