Sunken living rooms are usually not very stylish. The atmosphere they create is chosen carefully and in each case depending on the mood you want to create for your home and of course on the materials you choose. If you prefer something casual this is the perfect choice. Of course, if you want to have a refined décor you’ll most likely have to create a décor that’s rustic as well as sophisticated.

Today we found a very beautiful and very stylish living room that features a sunken kitchen. It’s both elegant and cozy and it’s a combination that you can use with your guests. The color palette is also elegant. The pastel shades have a delicate feel and they create a harmonious décor.

The living room is connected to the dining room and kitchen areas and they formed a longer space. The hall is delimitated by a series of modern doors that also serve as steps, just like the entrance knobs. The house also includes a playroom for kids. The walls are white throughout the house and so is the large table used for both sitting and dining. The furniture is very simple and neutral. It lacks any funny touch but it still feels cozy.

The colors are kept throughout the rooms. In the kitchen there’s a chocolate brown tone. This ensures a warm and comfortable décor. The bedroom is also painted with a dark grey tone and it features a very beautiful and chic headboard. It also has a lovely corner fireplace that makes it feel cozy.

The colors in the living room are only different can seen in the different functional spaces. The whole house is very simple, with functional furnishings and clever functional solutions in terms of décor. The dining room is a great place for family gatherings and has a mind-reading fireplace. The playroom is area for some board games and other arts and crafts. The living room has a very large TV and a good-sized pool table.{found on flickr}.