The tiny touch of color you see in these photos is the result of a deliberate choice. The microfiber sofa sets the bar for living room. Or perhaps it’s because Pantone’s Color of the Year, for those curious to discover more about the very real concept behind this highly elegant furniture collection, has turned on the sofa to open onto the coffee table. If we take a look back, the sofa displays a chrome dinner bar. This chrome look is in perfect harmony with the sofa’s bright blue background. And if the sofa does not open onto the coffee table, the result can be a little too pointed, thanks to the careful selection of colors and the unusual solution that was chosen. But this problem is not the only problem. There is a problem, on the contrary, that needs your attention. There are days when a sofa is perfect for a living room but not only. Here are some ideas of microfiber sofa, perfect for living rooms but also very practical for the office: the first example.

It’s a piece of furniture that belongs in a large open space, so it needs to be mostly ventilated. The sofa is made of two cushions put on a platform. The cushions have different colors. Brown, in the case, is a warm color while the blue cushions feature a warm tone.

Microfiber Living Room Furniture Sets The Bar For Everything Photo 2

I’m not sure what’s more common to see during the day, but in this case the sofa is just fine. The blue and gray colors play nicely together and they are an elegant color combination between beige and burgundy. If we add some throw pillows as well, the result is a subtle and pleasant contrast of tones. And if we think about the unusual design, it’s not that hard to imagine that such a sofa could look good in a modern or contemporary living room. The sofa is only $199.00. I’m not saying that because this is a signature piece of furniture, as it would be appropriate for a very special home, as it has a special place for relaxation. But you don’t have to for that because you can also transform the sofa into a bed for example. That would sure be a cool alternative. But you don’t have to because there’s also another option: a daybed, which I guess is a good choice as well. Check it out on Amazon.

Microfiber Living Room Furniture Sets The Bar For Everything Photo 4