The key to creating a luxury living room is to focus on the basics and to try to hand something unexpected as for example, a sofa or some amazing pieces of furniture. First I used casual sofas in bulk, and I used some of the pieces to make it a bit more challenging, and I used some old pieces of wood to make the rest. All these pieces had a surprise with their details and decorative features. The first thing you should expect when you saw this sofa. It’s not the most comfortable sofa you could see currently. However, you might be surprised by how beautiful it looks.

It doesn’t seem safe at all because it wasn’t originally a sofa. It has been transformed into a storage unit with cabinets on four sides. These small spaces not only take us back in time and fill up precious floor space but it can be difficult to find the furniture that was there before. The impact is stronger and more impressive, because in its original design, this sofa used to be a very cozy and inviting room. The changing of the furniture completely transforms it into a multipurpose piece of furniture that can be easily transformed into a living room, dining room, bedroom, even a garage.

The details and the way of rethinking the design, such as in this case was needed, are not that hard to see. During the process of reformating and personalizing this space, we got creative enough to rearrange the old sofa into a writing desk and new storage cabinet.

Mexican Style Living Room Furniture Design Photo 6

Mexican Style Living Room Furniture Design Photo 7