The media chest is usually furniture that any living room could benefit from. It serves a double purpose: it’s a storage unit, storage, display and, of course, storage. However, the problem is that most of us don’t have any practical idea when it comes to choosing a storage system.

Why give up the idea of a media cabinet when you can have a creative cellar cabinet as well? Manufacturers offer a combination of closed and open compartments. This particular model is called Something Playful and it’s made of brushed nickel plated steel. The company that came with this project is Container Media. They’ve all been using this system.

The station is equipped with a lot of things such as: bbq stations, shelves for storing DVD and TV remotes, decorative magnets for monuments and lots of other clever storage slots. And just to show you a few examples from all the compartments, you can now enjoy a transparent TV watching mode. In addition, the platform can be easily detached, to make the unit easier to use, for repairs.