This collection was created by the architectural firm Norrzej wiltoria for furniture manufacturer Max. It’s a new approach to the standard and it focuses on new concepts of furniture design. The pieces they create try to ignore fundamental details and to unify the whole furniture set. It’s a very successful approach, somewhere in between modern and traditional. The furniture is also very functional as it helps us be much more mobile in the decorating and maintenance of the space.

The furniture presented in this collection is crafted using personally-made pine and teak wood. A selection of the latest materials has also been used. Philippe Starck was in charge of the 20th century renovation of the residences that were sold to make space more functional.

We now have this collection of seating solutions. Every little piece offers incredible comfort and creates a beautiful and cozy environment for relaxing and entertaining guests.

This collection is perfect for small spaces as well for modern and contemporary interiors. All the pieces are very comfortable and they feature an extremely modern and minimalist style. You can choose from the queen-sized bed that measures 40 x 80 x 45 cm, the smaller version being available for 1700$.