When choosing the site of a residence for a family or for a family with children it’s important to have a balanced setting. This includes the rooms, the spaces where the inhabitants spend time most at night and the areas where they entertain, entertain and have fun. Strict building regulations dictated that the house would have no windows, shaded areas and private areas situated towards the back of the property so that neighbors can’t come inside and try to interfere with the house owners.

The owners requested a two-story structure so they could enjoy great views towards the back while also enjoying privacy. The site also presented a particular challenge. The forest cover on the site was so small that the house would have difficulty fitting in there. In order to compensate for the small footprint, the architects built a box-like structure out of reinforced concrete.

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The entry area is on the upper level. The interior spaces are organized around the pillar, with no upstairs access. The living room is designed near the center of the space. To compensate for the lack of windows and openings, the team organized the house into three clearly defined zones. The first is the main area. On the right, there’s a large pool and a gazebo. This area is linked to the living room and dining area by a bridge. The second is a space specifically designed for the kids. It serves as a playroom and a playground for the kids.

The third zone is the living room and kitchen. In combination with the kitchen, it also includes one of the main bedrooms of the house. This room also has direct access to the main living space. The two bedrooms also share a fireplace which they create a cozy ambiance with some rustic touches. In addition to the living space, there’s also a work space and an L-shaped sitting area in the center.