The “starchitect” in this case is George Lee Snow founder of the practice, a very distinguished name that also applies to Ralph Lauren, the famous designer with whose brilliant combination of research and incredible skill. He is also known for designing minimalist pieces of furniture that, no matter how you look at it, seem to be very similar to the Danish traditional furniture that you can see in the US and Europe. His work can be seen in Europe and North America too, where you can also see items like this Martha stewart collection.

The name of this collection I prefer to have in the title “The Hammock Bird Wall”, a reference to the idea of imagination and creativity and to a very special style that applies only to us, a society based on being creative, on being practical and on practicality and quality.

The name of this collection I have mainly given in the matter of style because the name of this collection belonging to George Lee Snow, the famous designer had the lead on a number of unique projects. One of them was to create a new style of lamps that used to be modern but got transformed into old and boring. The designer is always remembered for something useful but mostly for the lamps that used to be hanging from the ceiling.

Martha Stewart Living Room Furniture Collection Photo 4

So an inspiration for new designs was always drawn from and followed the line by elegance, high quality and high design. These lamps used to be simple and they were very popular. At one time or they even started as designs for the fireplace, or maybe for the cabinet doors or wardrobe. Nowadays there are different looks. People like simpler and more elegant models, but if they can be reliable and resist in time, they can be extended.

These lamps are available in silver and teak but also in black if they are available. The lamps are perfect when used on a wooden dining table for example, but they look very nice also on a pool table if you want to have a contrastive look.Available for 38$.