Marble is a very elegant material and it’s usually used to make marble floors appear a bit greyer than it actually is. Also, because marble is so stable, it can be used to create patterns and designs, especially in the living room.Marble looks especially great with white walls. Whether used in simple DIY projects like decoration or in a more complex interior décor, white marble floors always look elegant and chic. They can also be a glamorous detail and they can be chosen for both style and price. Here are a few stylish examples.

These elegant floors are created using both hardwoods and brass.

The hardwood flooring is warm and elegant and it goes great with the rest of the room. The design is simple and classical. The color is not what you use, but how you use it. It usually goes well with white walls. The more colors you use, the more sophisticated and elegant the texture will look.

These floors have a lighter color. It’s a classical combination that is always beautiful and elegant. The hardwood works great with any type of flooring, regardless of the style and design. If you like this combination of colors and want to create a contrast, feel free to add color to the floors. In this example, for example, blue floors are almost entirely blue. The walls and ceilings are the only ones that stand out with their colors. The flooring also continues with the same color, the same ones used for the walls and ceilings. The result is a balanced décor with elegant details and simple but colorful elements.

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