Marble is normally found in bars and malls, but if you have a big book or glass lamp than a marbled floor will probably fit perfectly in there. If you want to create a sophisticated living room with a strong decorative style you will probably try some marble designs like this one.

Any of these marble designs will be great for an elegant living room. That is because marble is feminine, yet it strong colours, therefore it fits perfectly with any of your other design designs designs. Besides, you can use marble flooring for your walls like ceramics or … marble.

This design from Isabelle Cremer Hammer is really unique and alluring. Her taste for the bar has given her a few distinctive looks and this is certainly no exception. As you can see, think of her design as an eclectic equilibrium between modern and traditional. This exquisite marble floor is cut and sewn entirely by hand and all the pieces are hand-painted and embellished. The colour of each piece is carefully chosen so as to look as if it is the same as the coloured floor , too.

Marble Floor Design Pictures Living Room Photo 3

The designer used just the right amount of marble for this room and to add a few other details like golden leaves on the walls and decorative features. This room breathes luxury and class, with its white and black walls and furniture pieces, with golden transparent doors that allow you to admire the sparkling interior of the hotel. The attention to details is spectacular and nothing compares to the perfect appearance of a stunning marble floor in any hotel room.{found on luxurylaunches}

Marble Floor Design Pictures Living Room Photo 5