The house is like a shadow; at the same time it is designed in two points which have nothing in common. One side of the house is the living room and the other is the bedroom. If the two volumes are designed in the same manner the house it a better looking and more modernized, both at the inside and outside. Here we refer to the closets, cabinets, staircases and so on, because these are among the main materials used for this project.

The materials used for this project are most important. The house is built in a way that balances the needs for comfort in multi-person bedrooms with the needs for an easy working area in the open such as the kitchen, living room or study. The floor is covered with a porcelain tile material with a porcelain sink that matches the floor of the rest of the house and also doubles as a kind of backsplash for the office.

The backsplash is actually made of porcelain tiles that have been embedded into the walls and the floor. The tiles used for this project are a combination of grey tiles with white ones that get more beautiful golden tones when the light changes color. The bedroom is the only room that does not benefit from the views. It gets artificial light from the windows and a nice artificial blue when the sun rise from the East.