When you are the creative type that likes to spend a lot of time in the bedroom, finding all the things you need is the priority that should be given to the decoration. For you, home decorating is all about making the place feel cozy, warm and everybody’s. Nowadays most of the people tend to choose decorating objects that are very important in the house. They will only use them for decoration purposes, but they will simply draw more attention to the object itself. This is the case of this lovely and relaxing bedroom designed by Chulovik Arquitetos. Sitting in a small room, the bedroom has a spacious look because most of the furniture is made of architectural materials, with colorful pillows, curtains, small tables and very comfortable furniture. The only thing that you might not expect is the bed.

However the idea of using only things like bedding, shoes or pillows for the bedroom should not stop you from noticing the same thing happens to some of us. It is very important to arrange the furniture properly, but some objects that we do not realize are too important for us. Since we cannot afford to have small places where guests can stay for a while, we need to make our living place appealing and inviting-looking, with s appropriate furniture and accessories.

So, if you are on the fence about a room where furniture is too much, maybe this is the right choice for you. All the pieces are elegant and stylish, are are are having a fine style and are very easily attached to the general design of the room, so you can make the right combination of beautiful pieces and appropriate accessories that would make your room attractive and more cozy than a small bedroom. For example you can add a soft and warm rug under the bed or a fluffy and sofas with comfy pillows, armchairs and armchairs that give a bit of comfort to the room.

Make Living Room Into Bedroom Photo 4