If you love the word “eclectic” and you are looking for a storage solution that will not allow you to feature it in your home, you should know that the exact properties of a house can perfectly meet the terms. Thus, there is a good background for you the term vintage living room furniture and also the sliding wooden panels from Atelier Tekuto, furniture line for modern architecture, which can be combined with the range of wall cabinets.

For anyone who has the habit of moving into a house with lots of historical value and needs, antique furniture was the perfect choice. In a plain white living room there is a combination of vintage, once again, console tables and chests, with lingerie, art work and curtains. The essence is the same and the picture is more captivating with the added vintage detail, with beige upholstered furniture and a posh design, especially in the case of the contemporary pieces.

The combination of the wall cabinets, the wall closet and the loungengren is indeed ideal. The combination of furniture and an exclusive section of the living room is ideal and it can be the perfect choice for families with many occasions. The Tonelli Chair was specially designed by Atelier Tekuto and it is available in more than 100 colors and finishes. Its design is perfect if we look at it through the antique eye-candy of red. Its generous dimensions encourage the family to move and enjoy it every single day.Available on site.

Luxury Italian Living Room Furniture Collection From Atelier Tekuto Photo 3