The Low back living room chair is a stylish product designed by Delphin Design. Made of solid wood and delicate designs, the chair offers an elegant silhouette. It has a strong presence because of its shape and yet it’s very delicate and appealing. It’s also a very versatile piece of furniture. It can be sued as a dining chair, center piece for the living room, an office chair, or even as a nightstand. It’s made of fir and linen and it r refuge for the side of the bed. It features clean and simple lines and a modern design.

The chair is available is multiple color options and sizes. You can either opt for the 9-inch and 20-inch freestanding chair or the 2-inch and 9-inch armless chair that we have presented in the beginning. The dimensions of this chic and modern piece of furniture are visibly noticeable and unmistakable. It has an aluminum frame, spring made with three chromed 1/2” bend armless legs and powder coated aluminum frame.

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The dimensions of the chair are 25 inches and 19,5?w x 25 x 33?h. Both models share the same design. The prices vary from $799 to $2,105. The plastic frame is not included so you’ll have to get some for 40% of the price. Overall, this is a very chic piece of furniture, very chic for a modern living room, interior or bedroom. It’s a very beautiful piece, with a traditional design, a sophisticated shape and a distressed finish. The colors are also extremely beautiful. It would look best in a modern or contemporary décor, as it is both modern and traditional, even though it varies from model to model.

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The price also varies. The prices vary between $49 and $799.It’s a vintage piece of furniture that looks like a miniature version of a beanbag. It would look nice in a traditional home. A design like this is not easy to find, especially with a very fresh and colorful theme. So you could spice up the whole design with colorful pillows and all sorts of fruit or vegetables and flowers.

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