All the ladies’ dream rooms are very inviting and comfortable. It is true that this day has to combine the modernist furniture pieces and the decorative objects that are necessary for a house. All the girls’ rooms are usually eye drawing with flowers and vases, with the pink and the colors of toys. So it is essential to decorate the room in colours that will work double or triple duty to give a great effect. All the furniture is Victorian and brings a touch of antique or colonial style.

This beautiful lucent girl’s room has to bring fresh hearts with all the embroidery designs and the pink submarine-styled lamps chandeliers. The brighter colours are combined with the pink welcome letters that appear on the black and orange rug rug. All the pink and orange symbols are embroidered on a wooden dinner rug. The vivid pink and the more children love pink and you can see the story of some unfortunate parents as their source of inspiration.

The kids love all kinds of flowers and these cute girls proved to be a great and inspiring lit up girls’ room.{found on wn}.

Louis Xv Living Room Set Photo 3