Designing a living room for a recently married couple is not that easy if you want everything to be simple. However, if you know what to look for, it’s easier this way than anything else. Lorna Jane, is a beautiful creation that deserves to be included in our list. It’s not only easy to design but it’s also fun to make.

The intention was to create a practical and interactive décor and the result was a beautiful composition that includes fun shapes, mixed materials and bright colors. The result was a modern creation that looks fresh and simple but it’s also versatile in other words, it can be used in almost any room of the house, including the bedroom and even the living room. Of course, there are limitations which allow you to adopt the design you want.

The floor piece from the first step was made from a wooden panel. It was then craned into shape and it was installed. The wall received an additional plywood shelf. It was made from several pieces of wood connected to each other. The plywood ensures a stronger and stronger connection and it also serves as a bench. The platform on which the TV sits is also attached with two large sliding doors. On the other side, on the opposite side, on the right side, there’s a built-in sofa. The sofa only reaches up to the ceiling, onto a painted wall. The entire arrangement is like a mosaic of light and dark colors. It’s a beautiful and versatile creation created by Massimiliano Dupon.

Lorna Jane Active Living Room Design Photo 4