This beautiful living room has a very airy vibe to it due to the narrow space. It’s even more beautiful when it features a fireplace. The fireplace is very nicely framed by wall art and it’s usually part of the living room’s décor. In this case we have a traditional living room décor where the fireplace is a focal point. It’s in fact a classical and elegant combination of a fireplace and a wall. The fireplace wall is mostly decorative, as it goes perfectly with the classical background and classical wooden floors.

Besides the long wall that usually separates the living room from the dining room, there are also other areas also considered by neutrals such as black. This example is leaning against the neutral color palette of the walls, not allowing anything to become too dynamic and bright. That’s mostly because the décor is very light and the atmosphere is airy and spacious. In this case we have a white room, with large windows and without any extraordinary accent pieces.

Long Narrow Living Room With Fireplace At One End Photo 2

The fireplace also plays an important role in this case. It’s a very unassuming fireplace in the Brazilian woods, touchinging the living room beautifully through its beautiful color. The fireplace almost disappears into the wall. The focal point is the glass wall, the simple metal frame continuing on the same line. It’s a very daring combination and a bold combination of colors. The result is a very beautiful and well-balanced mix, both simple and intriguing.{found on home-design}.

Long Narrow Living Room With Fireplace At One End Photo 3