We started a article about the latest products and designs from the guys from Karim Rashid, who tackles the design and creation and marketing business? Take note of the phrase from our companion post on DIY home decor items and thehole products. Karim Rashid is our man and the one who founded the amazing Logitech lighting sofa. This beauty is the perfect accent chair, especially combined with the conical flaps. A perfect combination of angularity and angular aesthetics, this chair is designed to bring a little bit of modern minimalism to your living space.

The Logitech chair is getting more popular by the day and it is not too hard to see why. It quickly sells and it is also very durable. Suitable for a modern, rather than the antique, modern minimalist living room feel, the Logitech chair has a modern shape and the visual appeal of it is far higher than the average chair. The high back gives the chair even greater stability.

This lamp is one of the ideal pieces to help balance and enhance a minimal living room interior. I am seriously obsessed with this design style and I feel the lamp really enhances the minimal appeal of my living room. The lamp is brilliant, once you get the hang of it and see how it brightens up my room. The best part is the fact that it works light enough to illuminate your room. Relieve your living room mood in your home with the Logitech Chloriform table lamp. (via I Heart Organizing)

Logitech Illuminated Living-room K830 Photo 4

If you’re hosting company or live somewhere in the city, this Logitech keypad is just the place to turn up the heat. Not only is it useful to have this handy — you can light up your room with a simple switch. Chose one and bring this pink — we’re not talking about any household — you know what we’re talking about. (We already said it’s like purchasing all those hairpin legs.) Kids can hook up with your Logitech electronic controls to this lamp with the little ones for safekeeping. (Also see those: Best of the best lamps in gaming and electronic decoration)

In a den room (or a child’s bedroom), this is an office companion. This is because you can use it as a desktop while you’re relaxed in a chair. The lamp has five lights so it’s perfect for a reading nook. The simple design makes it suitable for children’s rooms as well as for a variety of other spaces.

So far, all you have to do is add a pendant. This one from Zava does it again with a pretty awesome design. The light is concentrated into a perfect square shape, which is a nice trick used in a bathroom. The other three lights follow a theme which is reminiscent of a wireless lighting system. You can turn on one of the lights to get as much light from the light grid as you need. You can ask for a specifications on the product and find out more about it on Zavotti.